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Alibaba to ban crypto miner sales amid Chinese crackdown

By Helen Partz, Any sellers that list crypto miners or relevant products on Alibaba’s platforms after Oct. 15 will face significant penalties. Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba is the next company to wrap up its cryptocurrency-related services in response to the ongoing crypto crackdown in China. Alibaba officially announced Monday that its platform will prohibit sales of cryptocurrency[…]

Peruvian stablecoin launches on Stellar blockchain

By Helen Partz, Anclap expects to launch two more Stellar-based stablecoins for Chile and Colombia later this year. Latin American stablecoin issuer Anclap is expanding its Stellar-based stablecoin network by launching a new stablecoin in Peru, Cointelegraph en Español reports. Pegged to Peru’s official fiat currency, the Peruvian sol (PEN), the new stablecoin is designed to enable[…]