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Rocket Pool Eth2 staking service launches, hits stage two cap in 45 seconds

By Keira Wright, The Eth2 staking provider only requires 16 ETH to run a minipool, and stakers with as little as 0.01 ETH can put their crypto to work on the Beacon Chain. NEWS   The launch of ETH2 staking service Rocket Pool saw it hit its stage two cap in just 45 seconds according[…]

Elon Musk offloads $1.1B in Tesla stock

By Martin Young, The eccentric billionaire polled his Twitter followers but already had the sale planned due to tax obligations. NEWS   Tesla CEO Elon Musk has offloaded more than one billion dollars worth of shares according to recent financial filings. Filings submitted on Nov. 11 to the Securities and Exchange Commission confirm the sale of[…]