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Niantic IPO: Is the gaming company gearing up for public offer?

By Versha Jain, Image source: y photo_gonz, Shutterstock Highlights Niantic builds real-world metaverse, augmented reality, accessible on smartphones. Its Pokemon GO and Ingress have been popular games. Niantic was valued at over US$9 billion after raising US$300 million from Coatue. The gaming company has recently raised US$300 million from global investment firm Coatue, bringing its valuation[…]

Digital ad firm Aleph Group files for an estimated $300 million US IPO

By Renaissance Capital, Aleph Group, which provides tech platforms with ad distribution services in emerging countries, filed on Monday with the SEC for an initial public offering. Aleph Group describes itself as a global enabler of digital advertising working in emerging and underserved countries. The company has commercial agreements with major digital platforms such as Twitter,[…]