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Everything You Need To Know About The Yuanxin Technology IPO

By Zeyi Yang, Yuanxin Technology doesn’t hide its ambition. In the first line of its prospectus, the company says its mission is to be the “first choice for patients’ healthcare and medication needs in China.” But the road to winning the crowded China health tech race is a long one for this Tencent- and Sequoia-backed startup,[…]

Everything You Need To Know About The Credo IPO

By Max A. Cherney,  Initial public offerings from semiconductor companies are so rare that when networking chip designer Credo Technology filed its prospectus with the Securities and Exchange Commission, it’s worth taking note. The San Jose-based chip company elected to file its S-1 the first business day of 2022, Jan. 3. It has yet to announce a[…]

Will there be China tech IPOs to watch in 2022?

By Zeyi Yang, As 2022 begins, the biggest question for China IPO watchers is: Will there still be any significant IPOs this year worth anticipating? For them, 2021 was divided into two halves: The first six months were filled with ambitious Chinese companies listing overseas, culminating in ride-hailing giant DiDi’s IPO on June 30, but it[…]

WeWork is finally going public, two years after its IPO disaster

By Lizzy Lawrence, WeWork’s merger with a Silicon Valley SPAC went through on Tuesday, closing the loop on a chaotic two-year journey to become a publicly-traded company. Investors in BowX, the special acquisition company helping WeWork go public, voted to officially merge with WeWork on Tuesday. The company’s shares will start trading Thursday, according to[…]

Meet the startup behind UiPath, Confluent, Zoom and Okta’s IPOs

By Joe Williams and Tom Krazit, Welcome to Protocol | Enterprise, your comprehensive roundup of everything you need to know about cloud and enterprise software. This Monday: Clari’s revenue clairvoyance, Intel crumbles, and Russian hackers are on a tear.   The secret sauce A who’s-who list of enterprise tech success stories, including UiPath, Confluent, Zoom, Okta, Couchbase, Medallia[…]

Everything You Need To Know About The SenseTime IPO

By Zeyi Yang, SenseTime, a company that represents China’s ambitions to pull ahead of the United States in the global artificial intelligence race, filed to go public in Hong Kong last Friday. Valued at $12 billion according to the Financial Times, SenseTime wants to prove to investors that it can turn cutting-edge AI research capacity into[…]

Rivian’s IPO defies VC gravity

By Biz Carson, Defying VC gravity 2021 was the year price discipline went out the window for VCs. Valuations have been up and up but it’s been easy to justify: Just look at the public markets! COVID-19 increased digital adoption by a bajillion! But there are signs that investor jitters are starting to creep in. Late-stage valuations[…]

Everything You Need To Know About The GitLab IPO

By Harish Chitkara, DevOps software provider GitLab filed its S-1 with the SEC in September 2021. The company went public Thursday via Nasdaq under the “GTLB” symbol. It sold shares in the lead up to the IPO at $77, which was above the target price range of $66 to $69. GitLab’s stock popped even higher on opening day, reaching[…]

Reddit could go public by March, and wants a $15 billion valuation

By Nat Rubio-Licht, Reddit could make its stock market debut in March, Bloomberg reported. The social media company could seek a valuation as high as $15 billion. Reddit will reportedly work with Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs for its IPO. But sources close to the matter told Bloomberg that the company’s timeline, plans and valuation are not[…]

Transit tech company Via privately filed to go public

By Nat Rubio-Licht, The market for mobility companies continues to be hot, and Via is the latest to take advantage: It filed to go public in a confidential statement with the SEC, the company announced on Tuesday. Via said in its announcement that it hasn’t determined how many shares it will offer or the price range for the[…]