Late Stage Mature Pre IPO Unicorns -
March 20, 2019


Pre IPO Swap Jobs

Jobs can be key to a companies’ growth.  In order to grow, companies need skilled workers, executives, scientists, managers, and other candidates.  This service is for those seeking jobs at companies we are connected to.  Pre IPO Swap has connections to Pre IPO Companies that inevitably is intertwined with employees.  Many of the sources of our stock are employees, founders, executives.

For Employers

We work with recruiters to find top talent to fill your needs.  Employees will apply on your site – but candidates need to be recruited.  We work with America’s top recruiters who place candidates who otherwise might not be job seeking.  Qualified candidates may be retired, pursuing hobbies, or involved with personal projects.  We will find them, qualify them, and engage them – through our process.  Best of all, we accept payment only for success and only in stock.

For Jobseekers

If you would like to be added to our database, please fill this out and one of our recruiters will be in touch with you.