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December 5, 2018

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Most likely, yes.  However, each company is different and we'd need to check with the policies and rules in your company.

Category: Employees

The absolute minimum for an investment varies from deal to deal.  Sometimes blocks of shares cannot be broken up into smaller sizes.  Generally, $50,000 is the minimum but this can be flexible.

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Like any investing, there is possibility of loss.  In fact there is possible of total loss.  It's rare, but it happens.  However you must consider that the high reward is correlated with the high risk.  Although the companies we choose are the best of the best, anything is possible.  Invest only funds you can afford to lose.

Category: Risks
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Shares are not locked so long as you resell them privately, but a sale is not guaranteed.  That means there are no restrictions on the securities you buy - you own them.  However, should a negative event occur, liquidity may dry up and you would not be able to find buyers (and there are no 'market makers' in private equity markets).

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