Late Stage Mature Pre IPO Unicorns -
March 1, 2019


The first step in transacting in Pre IPO (Private Equity) is signing a Letter of Intent (LOI).  We have created this template form which automatically fills the LOI document for you.  Pre IPO Swap is not a financial institution, we do not buy or sell securities, we are not financial advisors nor do we provide any kind of financial advice.  We are providing an administrative function only with total transparency whereby participants can interact and transact directly.  This template form is technical support helping users fill out an LOI with the required information for the counterparty.  By filling out this form it in no way indicates a cause of action by any party.

Do you have shares or are you looking to invest in shares?
What is the proposed quantity of the transaction, in Dollars (i.e. $500,000)
Your offer in no way guarantees a transaction with the buyer - this is simply a price point to indicate your desired price. The buyer with either accept it or request for price change.
Proof of Identity, Proof of Ownership (your name on the cap table, share certificates, etc.), and/or a Letter of Intent (LOI) signed by you. This is optional at this point but can greatly speed up the process and increase your chances to transact.
Please provide any additional information you feel relevant.

*This is not a guarantee of a transaction, this is not an electronic trading platform.  This is the first step in transacting in the Pre IPO sector.  Pre IPO Swap is not a broker-dealer nor do we solicit orders from customers.  Pre IPO Swap is a wholesale technology company that provides electronic business processes.

**This form is not for brokers or intermediaries.  If you want to partner with Pre IPO Swap please see our affiliates page.

Read more on Wikipedia about what is a Letter of Intent

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