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Musk Says Major Overhaul Of SpaceX Starship Underway Ahead Of Next Launch, Increases Orbit Odds To 60% | ZeroHedge

From: zerohedge Musk Says Major Overhaul Of SpaceX Starship Underway Ahead Of Next Launch, Increases Orbit Odds To 60% | ZeroHedge In a Twitter Spaces discussion with Bloomberg journalist Ashlee Vance, Elon Musk revealed SpaceX had made “well over a thousand” changes to its Super Heavy/Starship rocket following the vehicle’s first test launch in April,[…]

Main Street deals welcomed on VC platforms

Venture Capital Cross @ – 5/28/2023 – – As traditional funding sources dry up, private companies are seeking alternatives to raise capital.  Also, a growing number of small businesses are also turning to VC portals, which typically include Crowdfunding, as a means to attract capital.  Small mom and pop businesses are sometimes referred to as “Main[…]

Musk’s Brain Implant Startup Receives FDA Approval For Human Tests | ZeroHedge

From: zerohedge Musk’s Brain Implant Startup Receives FDA Approval For Human Tests | ZeroHedge Elon Musk’s brain-implant startup received approval from the Food and Drug Administration to conduct clinical trials of its experimental device in humans.  “We are excited to share that we have received the FDA’s approval to launch our first-in-human clinical study!” Neuralink[…]

Titanic of all VC failures — Charlotte, NC — 4/30/2023 — Venture Capital can trace it’s roots back to the stockholding companies of the 17th and 16th centuries when entrepreneurs and adventurers alike raised large sums to navigate the world and open trade corridors.  No bigger failure in Venture Funding can be compared to the sinking of the Titanic. […]

Secondary market trackers are lighting up a traditionally dark deal environment

From Tech Crunch s many private companies try to avoid raising capital in the current market, it’s become significantly harder to figure out what companies are actually worth. But a market that’s traditionally even less transparent than venture is providing clues. The secondary market, where investors can buy and sell existing stakes in a startup or fund, offers[…]

The 10 Biggest Rounds Of March: Stripe Raises Huge $6.5B Round, HR-tech Startup Rippling Lands $500M

From Crunchbase News: Last month saw some big deals roll in, including the second-biggest of the year to date. However, the month significantly slowed — especially in terms of monster deals — as it wore on. That could well be due to Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse having at least some short-term effects on fundraising. That will[…]

Issuers revert to Crowdfunding and other alternative methods of raising capital — 4/3/2023 — New York, NY — 2023 has been a dramatic year for the VC industry.  Last year, in 2022, public markets experienced a significant correction which spilled over into private markets.  Many professional investors such as funds, were seeing great bargains in public equities and so diverted attention there.  Also, simply due[…]

VCs Plow Money Into Indoor Farming, But Open Fields Might Be More Ripe For Innovation

From Crunchbase News When a hurricane in Florida and a virus in California killed a promising lettuce bounty late in 2022 and earlier this year, some hobbyists turned to indoor farms to supply their winter fuel of hearty salads. Indoor farming is something venture firms have deemed the future of agriculture. Armed with temperature control, hydroponics and[…]

Substack Asks Writers For Money As VC Funding Freezes | ZeroHedge

From: zerohedge Substack is initiating a crowdsourcing funding round, allowing writers to invest as little as $100 in the company. On Tuesday morning, the startup emailed writers about the investment opportunity. The development comes amidst a freeze in venture capital funding markets, which followed the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank. “Today, we’re starting a process[…]

VC Funds See “Mass Extinction Event” For Startups In 2023: “It Will Make The Financial Crisis Look Quaint”

From: zerohedge Leading venture capital players are predicting a “mass extinction event” for early- and mid-stage startups that will make the global fiscal collapse in 2008 “look quaint” by comparison. According to Globest, a new survey has found that 81% of early-stage startups are facing a failure in 2023 because–as of the end of October–they[…]