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Palantir Is Quietly Making Its Move Higher, Now Is A Good Time To Buy


  • Palantir did a direct listing, no road show, no cap raise.
  • The company is focused on growing its business, not gaming the market.
  • The numbers of Palantir’s business are very positive, it makes US$5 million average per client, and there are many more clients to be had.

We believe that Palantir (NYSE:PLTR) is a buy and hold, and we will explain why in this article. Furthermore, we believe the company is getting bad press which is unwarranted. The various “controversies” surrounding Palantir are not the ones about its business model. For example, people who support illegal immigration into the United States don’t like how the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) uses Palantir to find and catch illegals. This is a political issue which has nothing to do with Palantir. The company is just providing the tools to law enforcement, and those tools are very effective. So Palantir gets a lot of bad press based on this, and it is not correlated to its core business which is very positive. Let’s explain.

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