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Wingstar Trading Pty Ltd t/a Revenue-Share Capital “RSC” is a flagship for a concept that is likely
to replace conventional equity based project finance in the near future. RSC’s financial solutions are
disruptive, but not destructive – the transformation RSC brings to the industry is beneficial to all participants.

The concept of RSC was born in 2009 and it emanated from the successful financing of the OptionScape
project purely by selling rights to portions of future revenues.
2011 saw the registration of the company, and by early 2017 the intellectual property, the foundation
of the business model was ready for deployment.

Wingstar Trading Pty Ltd is an Australian private limited liability company incorporated in the State of Western
Australia. The company owns and uses the registered business name “Revenue-Share Capital”.
RSC is a purely financial solutions company with no resemblance in structure or operation to
any production based company. It’s sole purpose is to act as a conduit between investors
and projects in a way that allows investors to get a better return at lower risk, and investees
to get better terms and conditions than conventional equity or debt finance could
provide to either side. RSC securitizes other companies future income into its own equity shares.

RSC continuously issues new non-voting shares and uses the funds to buy rights to royalties.
Royalties are purchased so that their present value is 5 times higher than the amount RSC pays for them.
As RSC continues to accumulate assets its share price grows. Investors get periodic exit opportunities
through NASDAQ. (IPO and regular secondary offers.)

Competitive Edge:
To investors RSC provides a well-defined return in a well-defined time frame with risk decoupling.
To investees RSC offers more affordable cost of capital, and freedom from exit strategies.

Target Audience:
Fund raising side:
Reg ‘D’ compliant investors, funds, family offices, VCs, banks and institutional investors worldwide.
Investment side:
‘Rising star’ stage intellectual property based companies that need money for worldwide expansion.

  • RSC’s business model is based on continuous unlimited fund raising.
  • Worldwide channels are being established.
  • USD 2.5 million for op cost budget – from not more than 5 investors.
  • USD 200+ million for revenue share investment portfolio through worldwide channels.
  • RSC is establishing centers in Zurich, Berlin, Budapest, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Ankara,
    and several states in the US.

We envisage RSC to be a unicorn by the time of the IPO (in 12-18 months) and hit the $5 Bn mark
within 3 years. (Pls remember, RSC is a conduit for funds, this is not a production based ‘organic’ growth.)
RSC intends to have a worldwide network that reaches all politically and economically stable countries.
With proper financial and operational management RSC shall become a commensurable partner to
large financial institutions.

RSC’s day-to-day expenses are covered by its parent company.
RSC’s operation is balance sheet based. It’s revenue (from its royalty portfolio) in the first 1-2 years
is irrelevant to its ability to grow its balance sheet and deliver returns to investors.
As a conduit of funds RSC needs unlimited amount of investment that it can forward to its portfolio.

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