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Rubrik an emerging leader in cloud architecture

Cloud computing represents a major shift from client server technology.  In a cloudy world, any device can access the cloud.  Theoretically, you can trade from your phone, tablet, or laptop.  That’s because software is running on an array of computers in a data center, which is managed in real time.  Computing power can be allocated between client A and client B on the fly.  For better or worse, that is the current computing paradigm we are in.  This was envisioned by Larry Ellison with his ‘thin client’ but was a bit too early.

Cloud startup Rubrik has solved a lot of the challenges posed by this paradigm such as cloud backup, data security, governance, management, compliance, and operations.  Our approach to data protection helps enterprises achieve Multi-Cloud Data Control™. Securely recover, mobilize, and govern data everywhere.

The company has a rich Silicon Valley history being started by SV all starts like Lightspeed Ventures:

The company was founded in January 2014 by Bipul Sinha (a partner at Lightspeed Ventures), Arvind Jain (ex-Google), Soham Mazumdar (ex-Facebook), and Arvind Nithrakashyap (ex-Oracle).[6][7][8]

IVP led a US$180 million Series D funding round in May 2017, at a US$1.3 billion valuation, bringing the company to at least US$292 million raised to date.[9][10]

In early 2018, Rubrik purchased, another cloud data management company.[11]

In January 2019 the startup has raised $261 million, which helped it to reach $3.3 billion total valuation. The core investors were Bain Capital Ventures together with Lightspeed Venture Partners, Greylock Partners, Khosla Ventures and IVP. [12]

It is possible to buy Rubrik shares on the private markets, such as at LevelX Pre IPO.  The total cloud market is greater than $215 Billion, according to Gartner.  Public cloud companies include names like Microsoft (MSFT), Amazon (AMZN), and IBM (IBM).  It’s a huge space that has room for innovators.  Rubrik isn’t redesigning the cloud, they are providing services that big providers cannot or do not, such as data security.

For those who aren’t aware – the US Government records every electronic communication in the USA and in some other countries, ranging from emails to pictures to snapshots of video calls.  It’s all stored in a data center in Maryland with a backup in Utah.  For a great MUST READ – checkout Permanent Record by Edward Snowden.  Companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and others will give you free space in the cloud.  But as we know from economics, there is no such thing as ‘free’ – the tradeoff is that you are consenting to being monitored.

Google is a great example – they offer free cloud storage for photos and documents for anyone, but particularly those running Google devices such as Android phones.  Most people don’t setup their accounts correctly but even if you do, your password can be compromised.  For example, most people use same password for hundreds of sites such as a family name, birthday, or something else.  This is bad security practice!  But nonetheless, Google does provide free security audit for your cloud data.  Take a look at one of our clients who submitted the following issues with their Google account:

For companies that host sensitive data in the cloud, especially financial institutions – this isn’t a risk you can take.  They have a fiduciary duty as well as regulatory obligation to keep customer records secure.  Most users would be shocked at how poorly the security policies at major corporations are setup.  Famous hacker Gary McKinnon broke into NASA’s network by simply scanning points of entry such as Administrator accounts with username ‘admin’ and no password.  Whenever such a gaping hole is discovered, I.T. admins quickly fix all the holes in their security, but they retire and don’t pass on that info to a new generation of hires.  Bottom line, there is always a need for security in any organization, whether you keep secrets about Space or your average local photographer that user the cloud for saving his work.

So far investors in Rubrik are blue chip Silicon Valley Venture Capital firms such as Lightspeed Ventures, according to Crunchbase:

As the entire market heats up, sectors like Big Tech, FinTech and others all need to rely on solid underlying data infrastructure, that Rubrik provides.  That means Rubrik is a “COVID-Positive” company, meaning that overall COVID is a benefit to Rubrik.  The world’s demand for secure data systems will only grow in the future, so it seems like the Rubrik platform is built on a framework of success.

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