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What was Microsoft IPO price vs. 20 years later?

Atlanta, GA ( – 12/18/2018

Microsoft (MSFT) is a company that many geeks love to hate.  Windows glitches and patches, embarrassing moments in tech history – yet Windows is the dominant computing platform not only for PCs but for Server environments and many other systems.  Yeah, they missed the internet, they lost out on Blockchain – and Social Media confuses them.  But still, MSFT has a market cap as of today of an astounding 798 Billion with a B.  It’s a huge company and has one of the highest paid CEOs in the world.

What’s a more compelling story though is the investment history of Microsoft, such as the stock split history.

Microsoft has been a cash cow from the moment they landed the Windows contract.  Since then, the stock has been on a near 70,000% ride, paying juicy dividends all the while.  An investment at the IPO of $2100 would have returned $1,467,072 far outpacing inflation.

From Quora:

On 13 March 1986, Microsoft went public at $21 a share. 100 shares would be worth $2100.

Microsoft has since had 9 splits (Microsoft Stock Split History) for a total of 288x.

Split adjusted IPO price would be 21/288 = $0.073.  Your 100 shares would have become 28,800 shares.

MSFT closed at  $50.94 on 27 April 2016, which would make that $2100 investment worth $1,467,072, a 69860% return on investment. $2100 in 1986 would be approximately $4563 in 2016 so a 69860% ROI adjusts to 32154% after inflation.

This leads to the question – is Pre-IPO investing for real?  Is this really the big secret of the wealthy – how they make their wealth?  Of course, as Bill Gates has retained the title off an on for decades of the worlds richest – we must remember what made him so – it is the stock price.  He is the wealthiest person in the world (depending on market fluctuations, he may be only top 5 or 10, and Forbes list doesn’t include Shadow banking where Rothschilds and others keep their private assets private) because he’s an early IPO stakeholder and investor.  Well done, Bill.

It is no wonder why Steve Ballmer is so excited – you would be too if you became rich just from your companies stock price.

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