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PreIPO Swap is the Cream of the Crop - We rise to the top. LYFT, Palantir, SpaceX, Uber, 23andMe and more - just ask we probably have it.
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You're not going to find a better partner to work with in the Pre-IPO investing space. We are Wall St. veterans with the experience and technology necessary to facilitate your wealth creation. We love the stock market but the returns of big caps like IBM will not likely beat inflation, due to economies of scale. The only way to legitimately earn a 10x or 20x return on your Investment is through Pre-IPO investing. Stories like Amazon, Google, and others are only the most commonly known, in fact there are hundreds of such examples that provided good returns to investors but were not so highly publicized. It is our intention to offer the best possible deals to our customers as well as creating our own deals in the future.

  • Average return of an IPO after it hits the market

    From 2001 - 2016 the average post issuance return of all IPOs as an average ranged from 12% - 14%

  • Number of IPOs in a year worthy of investing

    The focus here is quality not quantity. There are more than 150+ IPOs in any given year - but not all of them are going to be hot.

  • Greatest return on a deal in X

    Facebook is the leader with 2,770% ROI

  • Market Size (In Billions)

    The Pre IPO market is more liquid than you might think. More than $100 Billion estimated market cap lies here in the US alone.


Investment opportunities posted on this website are “private placements” of securities that are not publicly traded, are subject to holding period requirements, and are intended for investors who do not need a liquid investment. Investing in private companies may be considered highly speculative and involves a high degree of risk, including the risk of substantial loss of investment. Investors must be able to afford the loss of their entire investment. Please click here for a more detailed explanation of the risks involved by investing through Pre IPO Swap's system.

choice OFFERS in the Matrix

Coinbase is the leading Crypto Currency platform in the world. They are acting as a custodian of Crypto assets, and allow users the ability to buy Bitcoin with their bank account. Through their GDAX platform, they offer institutional quality day trading of Crypto assets.
LYFT is a ride sharing platform that’s doing everything right that Uber got wrong. Growing fast, they are going to IPO soon. LYFT will no be available as Pre IPO for long.
Palantir is a company that develops security software that can stop terrorism – how much more robust of a company can you get? Founded by the CIA and Silicon Valley Elite – this is a game changer for high tech security.
Space X
Space X
Space X plans to colonize Mars and is currently providing more than 50% of the commercial (non-government) rocket launches in the United States. Space X has multiple types of products and services they offer to the US Military and foreign governments as well.

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  • My annual income is greater than $200,000 [a natural person with income exceeding $200,000 in each of the two most recent years or joint income with a spouse exceeding $300,000 for those years and a reasonable expectation of the same income level in the current year]
  • My net worth, excluding my primary residence, is greater than $1,000,000 [a natural person who has individual net worth, or joint net worth with the person’s spouse, that exceeds $1 million at the time of the purchase, or has assets under management of $1 million or above, excluding the value of the individual’s primary residence]
  • I/We are a financial institution such as a bank, insurance company, registered investment company, business development company, or small business investment company
  • I/We represent an employee benefit plan, within the meaning of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, if a bank, insurance company, or registered investment adviser makes the investment decisions, or if the plan has total assets in excess of $5 million
  • I/We represent a charitable organization, corporation, or partnership with assets exceeding $5 million OR I am a director, executive officer, or general partner of the company selling the securities OR I/We represent a business in which all the equity owners are accredited investors
  • I/We represent a trust with assets in excess of $5 million, not formed to acquire the securities offered, whose purchases a sophisticated person makes.