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December 5, 2018

About Pre IPO Swap

PreIPOSwap.com is a blog about Private Equity "Pre IPO" Unicorns, and is run by a group of Wall St. veterans.  From the ground up, this is a world class operation.  We have contacts and sources in the fields of M&A, markets, economics, business, technology, government, and law.

Our offices are in San Diego, Atlanta, New York City, London, Bermuda, and The Bahamas.

Ask about our Elite VIP Service for customers transacting above certain minimum volumes.

Our Content.  We publish a blog on our website @ www.preiposwap.com our RSS feed is https://preiposwap.com/feed/ feed free to copy our content so long as you do not modify it, and you must always provide a link to the source.

Our Method.  Pre IPO Swap is data driven.  We seek data and analyze it in order to optimize returns for investors.  We read, think, analyze, and write - the process of data meta analysis (Quantitative Analysis).

Mission Statement. Pre IPO Swap seeks to achieve better returns for our investors by getting securities at better prices and in exclusive deals.

Our Description.  In a nutshell, Pre IPO Swap delivers to our investors what they want - early access to privately traded shares in mature companies before they go public, with the lowest possible fees.  Not only that, we have unique access to shares that are exclusively available through Pre IPO Swap.  Employees and existing shareholders on the sell side can tap into our dark pool of liquidity.  We welcome institutional relationships.

Our Technology. This website, preiposwap.com is built on WordPress, hosted at WP Engine, and secured with SSL.  Our trading platform is built on Wall St. and has transacted billions in securities order flows.  Our website stack is LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) and Open Source.

Corporate Info.  PreIPOSwap.com is owned and operated by Crediblock.com LLC a disruptive FinTech company that develops technology for disruptive markets.  Crediblock provides information services and other consulting based technical services to clients such as banks, broker-dealers, family offices, and other institutions.

Corporate Contact Info.  8 The Green Dover, DE 19901

In the News.  Pre IPO Swap has been featured on Finance Magnates, January 4th, 2019.  Pre IPO Swap Picks Joseph Gelet as Chief Technology Officer

As Seen On.  Pre IPO Swap represents alternative investing, so we read alternative media.  In fact, sites like Zero Hedge amazingly deliver ultra high quality analysis on topics like macro economics, FX related politics, stock market trends, and news about Pre IPO companies.


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We like Quora - its the knowledge based social media.

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Website Statistics.  We hold the world record for quickest Alexa ranking increase, breaking below 150k in USA before only a few weeks of operation.  See our Alexa ranking by clicking here.

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Our Image.  Our model is simple, so we created high definition photo graphics with our name.  We hope you like them.

Our Direction.  We are the directors and producers of the greatest movie of all time - your life.  We want to make this so simple for you all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.


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