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Coinbase files revised S-1 form, to float about 115 million shares in the market

From theblockcrypto Quick Take Coinbase has filed an amended S-1 form, disclosing that it has registered about 115 million shares for its direct listing. The revised form doesn’t yet mention a date at which Coinbase’s shares will get listed on Nasdaq. Crypto exchange Coinbase filed an amended S-1 form early Wednesday, disclosing that it has[…]

Coinbase Valued At $100 Billion, More Than CME, ICE, CBOE And Nasdaq

From Zero Hedge: Bitcoin’s explosive price surge in the past year which has pushed its market cap well over $1 trillion for the first time, has not only benefited the cryptocurrency and its peers, but has sent shockwaves across downstream sectors which cater to providing access to the soaring demand for crypto exposure around the[…]