Late Stage Mature Pre IPO Unicorns -
December 5, 2018


Are you a shareholder of private securities and want to sell them?  Whether you are an employee, or have bought the shares as an investor – there are buyers for your shares.  Here’s the simple process in a diagram.

Are you a shareholder or even an executive with options of a dynamic company destined to IPO soon and seek to monetize some of your interests soon?  We have the solution for you and clear every trade through customary channels. (*Note that, is a blog, owned by we develop and operate technology.  Securities would be cleared and transacted through a broker-dealer or investment bank).  ** Sellers do not have to be accredited.  
Whether you are an employee, have bought the shares as an investor, a VC seeking to divest – simply Follow the simple process in a diagram.

There exists niche investor networks with potential buyers – liquidity will not be a problem for you. has a matching technology based on big data analytics that scans both sides of the market using a proprietary algorithm, and on the buy side will match your sale with an investor who can be an individual investor, institutional investor, family office, private equity firm, bank, broker dealer, or secondary market platform.

Notable names that have transacted through this system include Uber, AirBnB, Lyft, ZocDoc, Palantir, Hyperloop, and others.  However, no equity asset is too big or small.  But traditionally, most are interested in the larger companies known as Unicorns, which are companies with an estimated market cap of more than $1 Billion USD.

If you represent an employee pension plan we can discuss wholesale situations.



Other types of shareholders we work with

If you are a company that wants to negotiate a sale on behalf of your employees or your principles, contact us.  We will put you in touch with an entity (an institution) capable of fulfilling your needs.  Through a network of law firms and investment banks we can find the right solution to take on new capital partners for your firm or facilitate a complete exit if that’s what you want.  $100 Million valuation minimum (based on a P/E of 10).


Founders represent the most unique class of shareholders as they not only control the majority of the float but also are typically decision makers or at least they were originally, so their opinion counts!

Venture Capital

Early investors can be Venture Capital firms and sometimes individuals who want an exit.


Employees can be offered stock options as part of a payment plan.  Some startups and mid stage companies may limit the salaries, and compensate for that limit with stock options.

Family Offices

Not surprisingly, family offices are big Pre IPO investors and startup investors.  Family Office are typically active in their investment management and may seek a partial exit to cover taxes or to get liquidity for something else.

Hedge Funds

Hedge Funds often take positions along side VCs, and typically have a shorter term view than other types of investors (but not always).

Corporate Treasuries

Bulk transactions such as sale of shares from benefit plans, corporate buybacks, and other private transactions can be facilitated.

Employee Pension Plans

The Pre IPO Swap team comes from a diverse Wall St. background including but not limited to private equity, venture capital, securities trading and litigation, quantitative fund management, algorithm development, and financial firm operations.  We have developed the art of Pre IPO down to a science – there is no more smooth and transparent process.

Current and departing employees are often given stock options in lieu of additional compensation.  Some startups may even be capped at the amount they can pay employees, so stock options are all startups have to get top talent.  This is widely known – but what is not so widely known is that many of those stock options expire worthless!  The contracts are structured as a use it or lose it option which means there is no risk in the employee exercising them.  Of course, there are also complicated tax issues involved as these are options and not purchases of securities, subjecting many to the AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax).

Pre IPO Swap takes care of this for you – providing you with the cash you need to fund your lifestyle.  In the most likely scenario we would match you with an individual investor OR a fund that buys such assets.  We have a diverse global investor network including places like Hong Kong, Tel Aviv, Moscow, Boca Raton, London, New York, and the Bahamas.  As we are not a financial institution there is no overhead thus providing the best possible terms to both parties.  We simply match buyers and sellers using our proprietary technology, so at the end of the day you will be introduced to your counterparty, and the transaction will be processed through a regulated broker-dealer.

Previous Investors

We work with Angel, Seed, and other early round investors who may have waited a few years to see their investment come to fruition and want to take some profits off the table.  Typically this represents only a portion of the overall holding as the asset performs well.

We are able to monetize Pari Passu rights immediately, which many previous investors have.

Pari Passu Rights

Pari Passu rights are when an investor is given the first right to invest in subsequent rounds.  We are able to monetize this immediately in a number of ways – please check if you have these rights they may be valuable and no risk to monetize them to the holder.