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What’s holding Private Markets back | ZeroHedge

From: zerohedge What’s holding Private Markets back | ZeroHedge From VCC: 11/10/2023 Private Markets including VC funding, Pre IPO secondary’s, primary financing rounds, and other private deals have ground to a halt.  Overall volumes are down, number of deals are down, and the bid/ask spread has widened.  Private markets are opaque and complex, however, the[…]

Instacart closes up 13%, down from an initial flourish; Valuation at $11.5B

From Seeking Alpha: Instacart (NASDAQ:CART) closed up 13% on Tuesday after trading started up 40% on the initial pricing. The company’s valuation at the end of the day was about $11.5B. On Monday evening, the shares priced at $30 each, at the top of the range, giving it an initial valuation of $10B. Earlier, Instacart (CART)[…]

SoftBank’s Arm Targets $4.87 Billion In Downsized IPO Offering | ZeroHedge

From: zerohedge SoftBank’s Arm Targets $4.87 Billion In Downsized IPO Offering | ZeroHedge SoftBank Group’s semiconductor unit, Arm Holdings, updated its initial public offering filing on Tuesday morning with the Securities and Exchange Commission that revealed it aims to raise up to $4.87 billion, a smaller amount than what was previously announced in August.  The amended F-1 filing with[…]

VC Funds See “Mass Extinction Event” For Startups In 2023: “It Will Make The Financial Crisis Look Quaint”

From: zerohedge Leading venture capital players are predicting a “mass extinction event” for early- and mid-stage startups that will make the global fiscal collapse in 2008 “look quaint” by comparison. According to Globest, a new survey has found that 81% of early-stage startups are facing a failure in 2023 because–as of the end of October–they[…]

Sustainable Investing based on Real Intelligence 2/25/2023 — New York, NY — We hear the term ‘sustainable’ being thrown around a lot with so many hidden meanings, implications, and innuendo it can be confusing.  Let’s cut to the chase.  Sustainability means rugged, flexible, and long term – that means a business model that doesn’t deplete natural resources, and that can[…]

Fundraising By Venture-Capital Firms Tumbles To Near Decade Low Amid ‘Tech-Wreck’ | ZeroHedge

From: zerohedge Fundraising By Venture-Capital Firms Tumbles To Near Decade Low Amid ‘Tech-Wreck’ | ZeroHedge Fundraising by venture-capital (VC) firms plunged to a nine-year low in the fourth quarter as rising market volatility, geopolitical uncertainty, and higher inflation spooked investors, according to WSJ.  Preqin Ltd., a firm that tracks venture-fund data, released a new report that[…]

Venture World Watches As SEC Moves To Regulate Industry

From Crunchbase News: The Securities and Exchange Commission and venture capitalists have traditionally lived in two different worlds, but if a new rule from the regulatory agency advances, VCs could find their world under increased scrutiny. Nearly a year ago, the SEC started looking at adding regulations around how private investors — think private equity firms, hedge funds, some[…]

‘PayPal Peril’: Twitter Prepping For Payments, Could Include Bitcoin | ZeroHedge

From: zerohedge ‘PayPal Peril’: Twitter Prepping For Payments, Could Include Bitcoin | ZeroHedge Elon Musk is going head to head with his old company PayPal as Twitter gears up to become an online payments business. Twitter is prepping for payments, and bitcoin might be in the mix. According to a Financial Times report, Elon is[…]

As Overloaded Families Turn To Famtech, Funding Follows

From Crunchbase News: The image of how a successful American family with children lives has been engrained over decades by relentless marketing and Hollywood glamorization. The go-to image usually revolves around a lovely home. But of course, there are also lavish-yet-balanced family meals, and a lifestyle complete with vacations, birthday parties, extended family visits, soccer[…]

Can everdrop scale its plastic-bottle-free cleaning products, as well as build a global brand?

From Tech Crunch Image Credits: Everdrop Household cleaning chemicals in the form of a tablet that can be dissolved in water appear to have given rise to a number of startups. As well as Munich-based startup everdrop, there is also Atmo Home out of Berlin, as well as Grove Collaborative, Blueland, Smol, Spruce, Ocean Saver … the list goes[…]