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Sustainable Investing based on Real Intelligence 2/25/2023 — New York, NY — We hear the term ‘sustainable’ being thrown around a lot with so many hidden meanings, implications, and innuendo it can be confusing.  Let’s cut to the chase.  Sustainability means rugged, flexible, and long term – that means a business model that doesn’t deplete natural resources, and that can survive a couple of earthquakes and move on.  Oil and Gas is not sustainable in both definitions – once the Oil is gone it’s gone, and refineries and distribution systems like pipelines and even tankers who must connect to pipes at some point, are fragile.  Similar to semiconductor manufacturing, the Oil system contains millions of levers, switches, pipes, regulators, dials, screws, fittings, and other small components that can go bust.

Pencils generally don’t break, you can smash a pencil into bits but there are no moving parts, it’s just wood and lead.  Pens on the other hand can be complicated, require ink to be filled, and can break.  In the context of this discussion, we are looking for investments that are similar to Pencils.  Crunchbase maintains lists of companies based on any ‘tags’ or sectors, here is their Sustainability list (top companies, there are over 6,000 total):

Popular startups, companies & organizations by highest 30-day trend score:

Organization Name 


Total Funding Amount 


CB Rank (Organization) 


Trend Score (30 Days) 


New School Foods Logo
New School Foods
$15.7M 400 10
Ubreathe Logo
₹15M 1,046 10
R-Zero Logo
$170M 94 9.8
Zymix Logo
$1M 80,037 9.8
Great Circle Ventures Logo
Great Circle Ventures
100,575 9.7
Liminal Logo
$31M 447 9.6
3rdRisk Logo
€500K 22,417 9.6
Cirba Solutions Logo
Cirba Solutions
$125M 1,072 9.4
Diferente ≠ Logo
Diferente ≠
$15.4M 1,547 9.4
RuKart Logo
195,260 9.4
Verde Clean Fuels Logo
Verde Clean Fuels
200,875 9.4
Cardino Logo
201,089 9.4
Swag Kicks Logo
Swag Kicks
$1.4M 5,299 9.3
Zypp Electric Logo
Zypp Electric
$50.9M 9 9.2
Sirius Technologies Logo
Sirius Technologies
263,052 9.2
MN8 Energy Logo
MN8 Energy
268,229 9.2
Karbon Hero Logo
Karbon Hero
269,323 9.2
Superfy Logo
300,183 9.1
sustaira Logo
306,463 9.1
Macro Oceans Logo
Macro Oceans
322,580 9.1
Kelpi Logo
£4M 20,884 9
Sea Technology Logo
Sea Technology
359,669 9
Recycle Track Systems Logo
Recycle Track Systems
$111.7M 1,208 8.9
$15.6M 3,529 8.9
Maya Climate Logo
Maya Climate
€1.4M 8,224 8.9
Reclimate Logo
$100K 23,417 8.8
Food FiXR Logo
Food FiXR
$10K 198,776 8.8
Retury Logo
400,396 8.8
frakktal Logo
$25K 62,477 8.7
Baleena Logo
$250K 99,414 8.7
ECO Group Logo
ECO Group
341,791 8.6
Redwood Materials Logo
Redwood Materials
$2.8B 2,561 8.5
Material Impact Fund Logo
Material Impact Fund
$12.2M 2,781 8.5
A1 Power Technologies Logo
A1 Power Technologies
$100K 140,334 8.5
Uwana Energy Logo
Uwana Energy
$100K 145,749 8.5
OptaHaul Logo
€10K 81,475 8.4
She Eco Response Logo
She Eco Response
€100K 152,326 8.4
SokoFresh Logo
206,364 8.4
Grupo Edecsa Logo
Grupo Edecsa
525,047 8.4
LanzaTech Logo
$841.4M 121 8.3
GTL Biotech Logo
GTL Biotech
570,380 8.3
Aldo Martin Logo
Aldo Martin
574,322 8.3
Iberdrola Logo
€1.5B 759 8.2
Net Zero Technology Centre Logo
Net Zero Technology Centre
101,110 8.2
Mwingi Logo
$850K 107,466 8.2
BUYO Bioplastics Logo
BUYO Bioplastics
$90K 119,255 8.2
WaterSec Logo
$100K 119,260 8.2
Toto Safi Logo
Toto Safi
€100K 170,224 8.2
PR Aqua Supplies Ltd. Logo
PR Aqua Supplies Ltd.
504,291 8.2
Lwanda Biotech Logo
Lwanda Biotech
€100K 176,133 8.1
Fair Capital Partners Impact Investing
248,475 8.1
Boot64 Ventures Logo
Boot64 Ventures
633,011 8.1
Haber Technologies Logo
Haber Technologies
$8.6M 14,114 8
Wild Bioscience Logo
Wild Bioscience
660,521 8
Bagito Logo
664,474 8
Marie-Stella-Maris Logo
€8M 7,160 7.9
Hillcrest Energy Technologies Logo
Hillcrest Energy Technologies
$545.1K 58,746 7.9
Manamuz Electric Logo
Manamuz Electric
$100K 195,248 7.9
Ceesolar Logo
$100K 196,255 7.9
MK Lighter Company Logo
MK Lighter Company
695,034 7.9
Locus Fermentation Solutions Logo
Locus Fermentation Solutions
$142M 3,357 7.8
Chaint Afrique Logo
Chaint Afrique
$100K 203,025 7.8
IRIBA Water Group Logo
IRIBA Water Group
$100K 207,698 7.8
Romande Energie Logo
Romande Energie
247,882 7.8
Landchain Logo
472,240 7.8
NuGrid Power Logo
NuGrid Power
648,289 7.8
SeaDeep Logo
731,702 7.8
Inventum Logo
450,772 7.7
Greengredients Logo
547,616 7.7
The ISH Food Company Logo
The ISH Food Company
$10M 4,095 7.6
Pranic Family Logo
Pranic Family
757,535 7.6
Well of Science Logo
Well of Science
€100K 232,892 7.5
Think Energy Logo
Think Energy
325,220 7.4
Farmers Business Network Logo
Farmers Business Network
$870.4M 508 7.3
SmarterX Logo
$65.1M 2,571 7.3
Inseco Logo
$5.3M 110,665 7.3
Consumer Safety Technology Logo
Consumer Safety Technology
314,220 7.3
FPS Logo
368,323 7.3
474,972 7.3
Moheda Group Logo
Moheda Group
638,341 7.3
Bee2Be Logo
713,887 7.3
Miro Rail Logo
Miro Rail
902,134 7.3
Be Zen Logo
Be Zen
327,616 7.2
Yo-Mas Logo
657,807 7.2
Pineapple Holdings Logo
Pineapple Holdings
693,421 7.2
ENdep Logo
726,179 7.2
Jsk Consulting Logo
Jsk Consulting
797,721 7.1
Energy Supply Developers Logo
Energy Supply Developers
931,099 7.1
Walla Walla Basin Watershed Council
949,982 7.1
Range21 Logo
953,195 7.1
SDG Impact Logo
SDG Impact
653,412 7
Canadian Wood Council Logo
Canadian Wood Council
688,525 7
Junxin Co., Ltd.
963,915 7
Closed Loop Partners Logo
Closed Loop Partners
47,550 6.9
Inaeris Technologies Logo
Inaeris Technologies
320,286 6.9
Kerry Logo
387,514 6.9
Linnaeus Plant Science Logo
Linnaeus Plant Science
574,011 6.9
Sinkco Labs Logo
Sinkco Labs
587,345 6.9
Green Bean Logo
Green Bean
770,837 6.9
Pacific Weather
992,506 6.9

They maintain a rank score, based on this list – which is continually growing:

These companies are direct sustainability companies, however – not necessarily companies in various industries that are sustainable.  In other words, there are thousands of companies out there raising money based on a sustainable business model, based on real intelligence from the Creator.

One such company from the past is Eat JUST – they have a unique manufacturing process whereby they use totally organic ingredients, including Mung Bean, which is liquified and bottled.  The end product looks and tastes like eggs, but it’s not.  But it’s based on a sustainable organic food alternative, Mung Beans.

DT Unicorn Fund has come across another sustainable company that does something amazing.  Using their own proprietary blend of microbes, Pro Gro Bio has figured out a way to increase yields of anything that grows (Crops, Turf, Trees) by adding natural additives (not chemicals) in the soil called Microbes.  If you are interested to learn more about investing in this opportunity, please reach out to DT Unicorn Fund by clicking here.

Something is affecting Planet Earth, factories are exploding, pipelines are bursting, sinkholes are becoming more and more common.  Just last week, Mexican oil refiner Pemex had multiple buildings on fire.

Perhaps the reason that big money is investing in alternatives is because in the future they are the only things that will work?  Natural disasters and other unknown factors are taxing the traditional industrial infrastructure.  In the case of agriculture, decades of chemicals, pesticides, and petro chemicals have damaged the soil in some cases, so badly that it cannot be repaired (farmers are having to switch to solar farming).  But growers are pushing back, from Yale:

The quest for ever-greater productivity — using fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and whatever other chemicals are at hand — is killing our soil and threatening our farms….

We know that over the past 50 years the levels of organic matter — it is kind of a standard test for soil in terms of its health and fertility — have been going way down. That’s alarming. We see organic matter levels in some fields of 1 percent or less. Whereas you can go to a pasture sitting right next to it where organics levels are 5 percent or 6 percent. So that is how drastically we have altered these systems. We are destroying the organic matter in the soil, and we’ve got to bring that back to sustain life on this planet.  The good news is that soil will come back if you give it a chance. It is very robust and resilient. It’s not like we have destroyed it to the point where it can’t be fixed. The soil health movement is trying to bring those organic levels back up and get soil to a higher functioning state.

Imagine a world 10 years from now, when only EV cars were driving the road, and there are only microbial soil additives instead of fertilizers.  Having an EV is very off-grid because if push comes to shove you can charge your own EV with any available power source.  Farming used to be like that, if you owned land you could plant anything – but not anymore.  Now the land has become addicted to chemicals and fertilizers – but the good news is that the Earth is a big sponge that can easily adapt to new surroundings, it will simply take time and car to heal.

Sustainable investing is about identifying a viable business model, in any environment we have.  The Macro picture is that the world is getting more complex, and things are breaking.  A new generation isn’t being trained the same way that it was 50 years ago.  Relying on AI or other technology is not an answer.  Meanwhile, it seems that the Earth is being affected by some extra terrestrial forces.  Earthquakes, floods, violent storms, and magnetic anomalies are happening more and more.  Some have claimed that the Earthquakes in Turkey are sabotage – but why?  Why not Ankara, why there – if it was sabotage?  Diplomats left days before, they say.  What about Earthquake detection technology?

Even if some of these ‘accidents’ are sabotage, that doesn’t explain the solar flares, or the change in the magnetic North Pole.  A recent solar flare was so large it was bigger than the state of Alaska.  And these events are happening more and more.  The good news is that we have technology now that makes much of this manageable.  Even in the worst scenarios of Cataclysms, we would be able to survive and rebuild.  But in any situation where large amounts of infrastructure is destroyed, engineers will reinvent the manufacturing and construction systems – or in other words, the rebuild is going to make Earth look very different.  Will we use a form of wireless electricity transmission, originally invented by Nikola Tesla?  Instead of trains on metal tracks, will we build mag lev or something powered by air?  All of these things are already built and operational, waiting for widespread use.

For example, the Boring company already has product lines ensuring the safe and efficient travel of passengers and freight, all underground:

Source: Boring Company


Underground public transportation system. Say goodbye to soul-destroying traffic 

Includes: tunnels (12-foot inner diameter), drive surface, LED lighting, emergency backup lighting, CCTV video system, secure wireless communication, blue light stations, passenger cell phone service, fire safety system, ventilation system, project engineering, environmental review, and permitting

Lengths Available: 0.25 mile to infinite (minimum 2 stations)


Source: Boring Company


Provides convenient access to multiple utilities without surface disruption

Includes: tunnel (12-foot inner diameter), flat maintenance surface, LED lighting, CCTV video system, project engineering, environmental review, and permitting

Lengths Available: 0.25 mile to infinite


Source: Boring Company


Move freight underground. Fits a standard shipping container (barely!)

Includes: tunnel (12-foot inner diameter), LED lighting, CCTV video system, project engineering, environmental review, and permitting

Lengths Available: 0.25 mile to infinite

Ped+Tunnel (1).png

                      Source: Boring Company


Safe and fun way for pedestrians and cyclists to avoid surface road traffic

Includes: tunnel (12-foot inner diameter), flat walk/ride surface, LED lighting, emergency backup lighting, CCTV video system, cell phone service, fire safety system, ventilation system, project engineering, environmental review, and permitting

Lengths Available: 100 feet to 2,500 feet


Source: Boring Company


We build the tunnel, you put what you want in it

Includes: bare tunnel (12-foot inner diameter), project engineering, environmental review, and permitting

Lengths Available: 0.25 mile to infinite


That means you can hire Boring Company to drill a freight tunnel in between your warehouse and shipping port.  These are just a few examples, they are all around us.  Local networks, local supply chains, organic growing systems, and simple technology with few moving parts, that doesn’t deplete resources – is the sustainable way of the future.

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