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SpaceX Started Patent Filing

From Gray B “We have essentially no patents in SpaceX. Our primary long-term competition is in China. If we published patents, it would be farcical, because the Chinese would just use them as a recipe book.” Elon Musk “We have essentially no patents in SpaceX”, said Elon Musk in his an interview in 2017 which gave hints[…]

These Were The 10 Largest Public Market Debuts Of 2021

By Sophia Kunthara, This was a record year for companies going public, with startups and legacy brands alike tapping into a public market that was hungry to invest. According to IPO research firm Renaissance Capital, 2021 was the busiest year for IPOs, with 399 offerings collectively raising $142.5 billion. Here at Crunchbase News, we’ve been tracking venture-backed[…]

The Most Active Biotech Venture Investors in 2021

By Janice Bitters Turi, Investment into biotech and health care boomed during the pandemic as thousands of venture capital firms turned their attention to breakthrough artificial intelligence, cancer-detection technology, mental health treatments, digital doctor visits, diagnostics and more. But two of those investment firms have emerged as major leaders, not only in the number of biotech funding[…]

These Were The 10 Most Funded Fintech Startups In 2021, A Year When The Sector Led

By Gene Teare, The most highly funded startups in financial services—a sector that led VC funding this year, with at least $131 billion invested—generally do not hail from the U.S., but from Europe. In fact, of the top 10 most highly funded companies that are still private, five are from Europe, three from the U.S.,[…]

These Are The Tech Companies That Went Public In 2021, A Record Year For IPOs

By Sophia Kunthara, It was a record year for the public markets. A strong pipeline of companies went public either through an IPO, direct listing, or SPAC in 2021 (hence the length of this list). In past versions of this public offering tracker, we’ve only tracked IPOs, with a direct listing here and there. This[…]

India’s crypto unicorn CoinDCX has no immediate plans for IPO

By Helen Partz, CoinDCX reached a $1.1 billion valuation by raising $90 million in a Series C funding round in August. India’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, CoinDCX, has no immediate plans for a public listing as the regulatory environment in the country remains uncertain. CoinDCX has no definitive route or clause as to when to go[…]

OpenSea walks back on IPO plan following community backlash

By Brian Newar, OpenSea’s new chief financial officer, Brian Roberts, faced a firestorm of complaints from the NFT community based on what he said was “inaccurately reported” comments. The world’s top nonfungible token (NFT) marketplace, OpenSea, has denied it intends to pursue a public listing any time soon. Chief financial officer Brian Roberts sparked a public backlash[…]

Social network Reddit reveals plans to go public

By Arnold Kirimi, After months of speculation, the popular social media site Reddit has finally announced that it is filing for an initial public offering. Late Wednesday night, the popular social platform Reddit announced that it had started the process of making the company public. The company filed a confidential S-1 with the United States[…]

From Rockets To Lab-Grown Meat, These Deals Show Some Of The Hottest New Startup Sectors Of 2021

By Crunchbase News, This year has set a record for startup funding, with already-hot sectors like fintech, health tech and cybersecurity only getting hotter. But we’ve also seen startups in more nascent industries including nuclear fusion, alternative proteins and financing tools for the creator economy pull in big bucks. While these aren’t the biggest deals[…]

Here’s Which VC-Backed Companies Are Going Public Via SPAC This Year (So Far)

By Sophia Kunthara, Going public through a special-purpose acquisition company is officially mainstream. Special-purpose acquisition companies, once looked down upon by Wall Street-types as a less respectable way to go public, have been forming and going public at an unprecedented pace this year. While last year was considered a record year for SPACs, this year[…]