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Blackwatch Digital


Blackwatch Digital offers a secured and insured Crypto custodial product for any coin or token called Dark Vault. The Dark Vault platform was designed from the ground up by experienced cybersecurity professionals, cryptography, blockchain, and capital markets experts using the highest levels of security protocols and advanced architecture to deliver leading edge, real-time access to digital assets within a secure and insured environment. Institutions operate in highly curated environments that combine security, flexibility, and transparency on one platform and Blackwatch developed the Dark Vault with these principles in mind. Institutions can rely on Blackwatch to deliver a level of service that is specifically designed and customized to meet their individual needs and requirements. The foundation of Blackwatch Digital is in the team of cybersecurity and cryptography experts at its disposal. The development team has completed contract work with the British Intelligence agencies, European banks, and on large scale infrastructure projects such as public utilities. The company adheres to very strict security protocols and the development team remains confidential.

BlackWatch Digital Investor Presentation

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