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Knightscope designs, engineers, builds, and deploys fully autonomous security robots in the U.S.

Globally more than $500 billion is spent on security in the public and private sector each year. Knightscope has developed and deployed a disruptive new capability with a unique combination of autonomous self-driving technology, robotics and artificial intelligence.  Companies working on self-driving autonomous technology are valued $500 million to $2 billion and nearly all have no product, no customers, no revenue and a dubious regulatory path to commercialization. Knightscope has numerous products with real clients, revenue, and contracts nationwide. The pre-money valuation is $310 million.

  • Designs, engineers, builds, deploys and supports award-winning crime-fighting fully autonomous security robots. Offers via Machine-as-a-Service (MaaS) business model.
  • These state-of-the-art security robots operate in 15 states across 4 times zones running fully autonomously 24/7 both outdoors and indoors – wherever you might typically see a security guard – and have already secured over a dozen crime-fighting wins.
  • More than $80 billion has been invested in self-driving autonomous technology, with 50+ companies working on it – yet, Knightscope is the only company operating fully autonomously 24/7/365 across the USA and Puerto Rico.
  • Knightscope has previously raised $40M+ and is now raising $50M. This round is expected to be the “pre-IPO” financing.
  • “KSCP” has already been reserved as the ticker symbol on NASDAQ.
  • Current investors include more than 6,000 family offices, private investors, and accelerators.
  • Four large corporations are strategic investors.
  • Current customers include municipalities (cities), banks, shopping malls, hospitals, resort/casinos, office complexes (including the largest security company in the USA), professional sports stadiums (NBA team), parking garages, apartment developments, etc.

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If you are in the US you must be a Qualified Purchaser or an institutional investor.  If you are Non-US you must be accredited in your jurisdiction.  Minimum investment $50,000 USD.

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Knightscope Wikipedia info

Knightscope, Inc. (also known as Knightscope) is an American security camera company that was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Mountain View, California. The goal of Knightscope is to design, build and deploy Autonomous Data Machines (ADMs), which are used to monitor crimes in malls, parking lots, and neighborhoods.[1][2][3] Knightscope’s founders state that they started the company in response to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, and to prevent future crimes.[1][2][3]


Knightscope was founded in 2013 by former police officer Stacy Stephens.[4] He partnered with William Li, a former executive at Ford.[5] Knightscope says they hope the ADMs will help security and law enforcement personnel detect trouble while preventing and minimizing public injuries and fatalities.[6] Another goal of Knightscope is to cut down crime rates. Li said “Our aim is to cut the crime rate by 50% in a geo-fenced area, which would increase housing values and safety while lowering insurance costs.”[7] Knightscope robots first shipped in 2015.

In 2017, Knightscope raised $20 million and indicated that they were seeking a partnership with Allied Universal. As of 2018, the company has sold 36 contracts and built 72 machines.[8] The companies that have been confirmed as clients of Knightscope are MicrosoftUberJuniper Networks, the Sacramento KingsLaGuardia Airport and NBC Universal.[4][9][5] Knightscope is not publicly traded.[10]


Knightscope has four different robot models: the K1, K3, K5 and K7. Clients are charged an hourly rate of $7 for each machine they use — a price designed to compete with the minimum wage in various states. The price structure requires the robots to operate on a 24/7 basis, and a minimum of two robots per location, costing $122,640 per annum.[11]


The K5 model is a bullet-shaped robot that stands about 5 feet tall. It has twin panels of lights about two-thirds of the way up its body. There is also a small silver-colored flag of the United States on the left side of its body.[12]. The K5 patrols and charges autonomously and detects crime using a variety of sensors including a video camerathermal imaging sensors, a laser range finderradar, air quality sensors, and a detector for suspicious wireless signals.[13]

During its autonomous patrol, if the K5 detects abnormal noise and temperature change, or known criminals, it will alert the guards.[2][3] The software package with which a user can respond to such alerts is called the Knightscope Security Operations Center.[14]


The K5 moves at 1 to 3 miles per hour.[15][16] It uses mapping software to create a geo-fenced perimeter that makes it stay within one area.[7] The K5 creates a point cloud to show a 3D image of the surroundings in the geo-fenced area. The K5 also uses an ultrasonic sensor to detect objects in surroundings and movements of its wheels.[16]

Sensor options

Optical Character Recognition Processing of the K5’s images can check up to 300 license plates per minute. The K5 can send an alert upon reading the license plate number for a known criminal on a provided list.[9]
Omnidirectional Imaging The K5 has “360-degree high definition video capture”.[17]
Microphones The K5 has an ambient noise microphone that can capture audio. The range from 80 to 90 decibels is normal. If the sounds suddenly goes beyond 100 decibels, the K5 will notify the local authorities.[17][18] The purpose of the microphone has been called “the opposite of voice detection” as it is primarily designed to pick up noise.[19]
Ultrasonic The ultrasonic sensor is used to detect speed and distance when the robot cruises in an area.[17][20]
Cameras The K5 uses the video cameras to collect about 90TB of data per machine annually, and the infrared light can function at night.[17][21]
Lidar LIDAR stands for Light Detection and Ranging. It emits a laser that sweeps 270-degrees to measure the objects and map its surrounding area.[15]
Thermal Imaging The thermal imaging sensor detects and measures minute temperature differences in order to detect objects in the dark.[16]

K1, K3 and K7

In 2016, one year after the release of the K5, Knightscope announced a K3 robot with a focus on indoor environments.[22] K1 and K7 follow-up models were both launched in 2018. The K1 is a stationary scanner designed for entrances and exits to buildings. It won the Security Today New Product of the Year award.[14] The K7 is a larger all-terrain unit with four wheels.[23]

If you are interested in Knightscope please fill out our Letter of Intent electronically.