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Lyft hires JP Morgan to lead IPO that could value company at more than $15 billion

From CNBC October 2018 Lyft has selected J.P. Morgan to lead its initial public offering, CNBC has learned. Lyft could be valued at more than $15 billion in the public markets, according to a source familiar with the matter. Uber, Lyft’s main rival in the U.S., is planning to go public at around the same[…]


Bono’s group has made more money from Facebook investment than from all his music

Bono has written dozens songs during his long and enduring career. But a group he set up several years ago has made more money from an investment in Facebook in 2009, than from all of the music he has written and recorded over the years. Reports said the 55-year-old rock frontman bought a 2.3 per[…]