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UiPath Shares Climb On First Day Of Trading

From CrunchBase News  Shares of New York-based UiPath rose significantly on the first day of trading Wednesday, hitting $70.72 before eventually settling at $69 at market close. UiPath priced shares at $56 on Tuesday — just above its expected price range of $52 to $54 per share. The pricing allowed the company to raise approximately $1.34 billion[…]

Mergers & Money: Darktrace’s Upcoming IPO Could Light Way For More Cybersecurity Offerings

From Crunchbase News Last year proved there is significant public investor appetite for tech IPOs; from Snowflake to Airbnb to, investors welcomed both consumer- and enterprise-facing innovation. However, the IPO floodgates seemed well boarded when it came to cybersecurity. TELOS and Plurilock were the only venture-backed cybersecurity firms to hit the public market last year. So what might 2021 look like for cyber[…]