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A.I. but for good

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A.I. but for good

There’s a term used by the commodities industry to describe the amount of product lost due to various unforeseen circumstances such as theft and damage. It’s called: breakage. Whatever goes missing before it can be sold falls into this category.

In the food services industry however, it isn’t so easy to tell how much of your product is making it into customers’ bellies. Over-production, expired products, and meals your customers either can’t or don’t want to finish can all lead to food waste.

And, according to Irish AI startup Positive Carbon, 66% of all food waste is preventable with the right technological interventions.

“We help customers reduce their food waste across all their sites with our total food waste monitoring solution designed to register food waste across all your location and sites from low-volume cafes to high-volume workplace campuses.”

Find out more here at the Positive Carbon website.