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Banks Start Freaking Out About Soaring Inflation, Which May Not Be “Transitory”

From ZH

For the past few months we – unlike the Fed – have been warning readers that the US is about to get by a wave of soaring prices the likes of which have not been seen since the early 1970s (see “”Buckle Up! Inflation Is Here!”). And while two weeks ago we noted the even “Companies Are Freaking Out About Soaring Costs“, sellside analysts had retained composure, with most comforting their clients that whatever inflation we get will be transitory (despite occasional luminaries such as Jeff Gundlach saying that the Fed and banks may well be wrong about the “transitory” narrative).

Well, as of this week, the analyst narrative has taken a sharp U-turn, starting with JPMorgan which yesterday admitted that there are an increasing amount of articles that illustrate rising inflation expectations, “even if those measures are not captured by official government releases” to wit: