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Space X: World’s Best Spacecraft Manufacturer, Launcher, and Satellite Communications – Product Strategy & Business Model.

From Linked In Pulse: MHD AL HASAN, PMP Senior Product Manager I Tech Startup Consultant | 14+ Yrs Exp | AI Product Manager Certified | PMP Certified | Ex-Apple  | Ex-UAE Prime Minister Office. June 25, 2023 The SpaceX mission statement is “to revolutionize space technology, with the ultimate goal of enabling people to live on[…]


New generation of Brokers takes center stage in the global finance show

Social trading network eToro raised $100 Million in a private placement so naturally we were curious who is eToro.  Israel is also an intriguing market, so we reached out to CEO and founder Yoni Assia to get more depth about the company more than what is on the site.  But before that, a little background[…]