March 13, 2019


Welcome to the world of Pre IPO.  If you are new to this don't worry - we are here to help.  Click here to read a quick 2 pager what is Pre IPO.  Bookmark this page as it has important information you may want to reference in the future.  The first document you may want to read is our Whitepaper, followed by our Pitch Deck both accessible by clicking here.  We have for your convenience recorded a Pitch Deck presentation from a Webinar series we did:

Note that if you want access to what's available in the Matrix, research, and other info - you will need to sign up as a member.  Links on this website may be blocked to members only.  Membership is completely free.  Click here to sign up as a member.

Now that you get the concept of Pre IPO take a look at some key offerings in the Portfolio (Note that, as of 3/12/2019 Lyft and Uber are no longer available, we have left the pages online for reference.

For a detailed list of every unicorn company available see the Matrix.  Note that the price list is subject to change and not 'tradeable' - if you would like to make a request (such as a bid to buy) you must first fill out the following LOI form which will be sent directly to the seller (if you are a buyer).

Pre IPO Swap is NOT a financial institution, we are not financial advisors, we are not a broker dealer.  We have thus cut out the middleman and place you directly in contact with the other side.  We believe this is the more transparent model with lowest possible fees and fastest transaction time.  Our goal is to be a wholesale operation that interfaces on the backend with funds and institutions - although we can engage individual investors as long as you are accredited.  More information: About Pre IPO Swap  Learn More about Pre IPO   News  Investors   Shareholders   Read the Pitch   Contact Pre IPO Swap