Late Stage Mature Pre IPO Unicorns -

M&A deals price signal private secondary markets — 10/12/2023 — Knoxville, TN Loom was purchased at a 35% discount to last round by Atlassian, for $975 Million.  You can bet that Atlassian did a great job evaluating the financials of the deal, and especially, the valuation.  $975 Million is a lot of money, even to a big company.  Loom took the[…]

Investor Cohort Funding Through The Pandemic

From Crunchbase News: Alarm bells were sounded in March this year that companies needed to get ready for a changed business environment and prepare for an 18-month runway, with no expectations of being able to raise funding. It became apparent quite quickly that while some companies had their markets wiped out overnight (especially in travel, recruiting and[…]

These are the biggest winners and losers in Softbank’s portfolio

From b2b Thinknum:  SoftBank ($TYO:9984) has seen it all. Perhaps solely responsible for the trend of inflating loss leaders to become decacorns, SoftBank has had an undeniable influence on the behaviors of VCs and investors across the globe. With a hand in the pocket of some of the largest tech startups in the world, SoftBank[…]


Raiders Of The Lost Corporate Ark – Revlon

Pre IPO Swap @ Seeking Alpha (Analysis Division) – 1/25/2019 Pre IPO Swap is now a contributor for Seeking Alpha, a site that is focused on actionable intelligence for securities.  Interestingly, Seeking Alpha does publish stories on Pre IPO which is why we signed up.   Our first article covers what could be one of the[…]