Late Stage Mature Pre IPO Unicorns -

M&A deals price signal private secondary markets — 10/12/2023 — Knoxville, TN Loom was purchased at a 35% discount to last round by Atlassian, for $975 Million.  You can bet that Atlassian did a great job evaluating the financials of the deal, and especially, the valuation.  $975 Million is a lot of money, even to a big company.  Loom took the[…]

20 Reasons to invest in Private Equity

Investing in private equity, while not without risks, can be an attractive investment option for a variety of reasons. This form of investment involves taking stakes in privately held companies or assets, and it offers unique advantages that can potentially yield substantial returns. Below is a comprehensive explanation of why investing in private equity is[…]


Grab some Grab before the IPO

Grab is said to be the “Asian Uber” but it’s much more than that.  They also offer financial services and yes – funding for your startup with Grab Ventures. Grab operates a mobile technology platform that integrates city transportation for driver-partners and customers in South East Asia. It offers services like GrabTaxi, GrabCar, GrabHitch, GrabShare, GrabCoach,[…]

Private Equity Firms Seize on IPO Boom With Consumer Assets

From Bloomberg: Private equity firms are refusing to be left out of the initial public offering boom. With technology IPOs sometimes doubling on day one, buyout shops are hoping to capture some of the buzz for their less sexy, slower growth and higher leverage assets. Two private equity-backed companies went public on U.S. exchanges this[…]


Bill Ackman’s New “The Simpsons”-Inspired Investment Raises $4BN In “Largest IPO For A SPV”

From Zero Hedge: Bill Ackman’s “The Simpsons”-inspired “blank check” investing vehicle, known as “Pershing Square Tontine Holdings”, is set to raise between $3 billion and $4 billion during its upcoming IPO after Ackman increased the size of the offering by $1 billion. The deal, which will be the largest-ever IPO by a special purpose vehicle,[…]


The Secret how Elon Musk made Billions from Tesla

12/21/2018 Atlanta, GA – – Elon Musk didn’t start Tesla; he was an investor in Tesla, after it was founded. This is an important fact that most people don’t know.  They think that he’s the brains behind it. Musk was a very early investor in Tesla.  From a recent Wired article: ELON MUSK DIDN’T start Tesla.[…]