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The Most Recent Startup Investments Over $250 Million In 2019

From Crunchbase January 23, 2019

2018 was the year supergiant VC deals became a nearly everyday occurrence. Equity funding rounds of $100 million or more dominated the global VC market, accounting for a vanishingly small percent of total deal volume, but accounting for 56 percent of the total dollar volume.

Here’s the thing about these supergiant VC deals though. The New York Times headline from August 2018 said it simply: $100 million was once big money for a startup. Now, it’s common. In our Q4 and end-of-year analysis of the global VC market, Crunchbase News found that there were over 500 rounds in the “supergiant” size class throughout 2018, worldwide. Although we covered many of them last year, there were just too many to discuss individually.

“Supergiant” stars aren’t the absolute biggest, brightest things in the universe, though they loom larger than just about everything else. Supergiant VC rounds bent the curve of the venture market. But, there’s another size up. Hypergiant stars are many times the size of supergiant stars, and, so, it follows that hypergiant VC rounds would follow a similar pattern.

In a prior exploration of beyond-supergiant VC, Crunchbase News defined“hypergiant rounds” as any VC round of $250 million or more (at least 2.5x larger than the “supergiant” threshold). These are the deals that shine a bright and sometimes harsh light over a given market. And, at this point, there are sufficiently few of them that we can track a whole year’s worth of hypergiant deals.

So, below, you can find an ever-expanding list of hypergiant rounds from 2019, filed in reverse-chronological order based on announcement date. We’ll update this post on a weekly basis.



Zhangmen is a K-12 personalized online tutoring company based in Shanghai, China.


DaDa is a Shanghai-based online education service for English language learners.


Hailing from Palo Alto, Rubrik is a provider of enterprise-focused data backup, management, and recovery services.


Launched by the founding team members of real estate listing site Trulia, Knockis a “home trade-in” platform for existing homeowners. The company is based in Atlanta, Georgia.


Shanghai-based Yimidada develops logistics management systems.


German fintech company N26 is a provider of mobile banking and international money transfer infrastructure and services.

The We Company

Née “WeWork,” the recently re-christened The We Company is a New York City-based commercial real estate company that offers temporary, shared, and private workspace options to clientele ranging from individuals to corporations.

  • The company raised $1 billion in a Series H round formally announced on January 9th.  SoftBank (not the Vision Fund) invested $2 billion total in the transaction: $1 billion from the de novo equity financing, and an additional $1 billion in equity acquired through a secondary stock sale from prior shareholders. These were the final parts of a transaction that ultimately netted The We Company $6 billion.
  • The company was founded in 2010.
  • Prior to the $6 billion deal (which included debt and warrant issuance was announced in several parts between August 2018 and January 2019), The We Company had raised nearly $6.8 billion in prior equity and debt funding.
  • Crunchbase News covered the deal when it was announced.


Grab, a ride-hailing platform offering transportation in shared and private car rides, as well as motorbikes, is based in Singapore.

  • The company raised $350 million in the latest tranche of an extended Series H round, formally announced on January 7th. Tokyo Century led the deal.
  • Grab was founded in June of 2012. Prior to the company’s multi-part Series H round (the first part of which closed in June 2018) Grab had raised at least $4.135 billion in VC, PE, and debt financing.
  • Crunchbase News covered Grab’s never-ending Series H round back in December 2018. Between the first tranche from June 2018 and the last (for now?) $350 million raised in January, Grab has raised at least $3 billion in its Series H round.

Illustration: Li-Anne Dias

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