Late Stage Mature Pre IPO Unicorns -

Uber and Lyft are gone but there is Pinterest, Hyperloop, and many others still available

Pre IPO Swap 3/18/2019 – New York, NY — Many investors are still asking for Uber and Lyft and unfortunately it’s too close to the date, they’re gone.  Pinterest is still available, and is the only Unicorn that has filed the S1 and will likely go public.  But there is also Palantir, ZocDoc, AirBnb, Hyperloop, and many others.

When obtaining Pre IPO keep in mind it’s best to do it well before the IPO date.  The fact that interest surrounds the IPO correlates to the buzz generated by the PR machine.  Companies do road shows and all they can to promote the IPO as they want it to have the best chance for success.  This is what drives most IPOs higher.

Is it the hype?  Many would ask – does it matter?  Companies like Facebook and others have weak business models based on vapor but yet the stock has soared and Facebook still has a $450 Billion market cap.

If you’re looking at getting into Pre IPO there’s never been a better time.

Consider a portfolio such as a diversified mix, if you aren’t sure which one to choose.

To learn more about Pre IPO checkout this page “What is Pre IPO”.

Here’s a good analogy of the Pre IPO Lifecycle using Hamburgers.